Memories simply exist how we save them. If it has truly happened it is your choice to save them in your brain in its natural state or to rewrite them into fairytale like greatness. We all do both. We all overhype individuals that shouldn't be, we all overlook the great ones in our life due to our ignorance and experience. Every year has it landmarks and bookmarks in our lives, every season must have its inspiration. So don't let a season go by without something worth living for.

Keep your eyes open for someone that lights up Disneyland, and if they do make sure your energy can fuel their light. Because if you don't there will be a black hole in your heart.

But the fact is with modern devices we are rarely lost, but it makes it simpler to get lost on purpose which is a game I play. You just wanna wander around in the city for hours following your intuition trying foods and finding places, then when you want to go to a specific place get out your never get lost device your phone. Only in the last 10 years has this been possible at a consumer level, it changes how we can enjoy anything on terrestrial earth. I am a big fan of Airbnb for long term city stay, it gives you the local vibe like no other.. It's also something that has pretty much only been possible in the last decade.

Enjoy these moments as they happened not so long ago in Mi Amore Tokyo. Always remember that for good times, make it Strong Zero time.

Small details are the most stimulating. Why do you use a certain brand of paper towels or wood polisher? Each of these choices are connected to minute memories from our past. While triggering a reaction, a scent can send us virtually time traveling. Revisiting our past and rewriting it as we see fit so with future visits it will seem even better. That can make future choices troubling because we are basing them on a false narrative of the past triggered and rewritten to grandiose heights. Nostalgia is a bitch.

If you close your eyes and listen carefully the sirens are always crisping faintly in the distant soundscape. They never stop. Like the twinkling stars in the California desert night. This is either a sign of a great nation and city or a reminder that when people are condensed in a large city someone is always having the worst day of their life.

Like many people I have a fear of heights. I have a fear of lack of control while elevated. Building tops don't bother me, they absolutely fascinate me. So when I say I don't like to fly.. its I don't like that everything is out of my control.

This race to the end.
Oh science can I make it extend?

I'm not completely sure when it will happen. But sometime in the foreseeable future ones online self will actually be more important than your physical self. Where whatever issues you have physically and socially don't matter at all and it would be more valuable for the version you send out to people through wires and satellites is real world more valuable and will be judged by a new set of parameters. Currently we are not our digital self. We see humans too often to stray too far from our digital wardrobe.

Right now we are still in a tribal physical society where showing off our body is still important, I suppose when intelligences we create car far exceed our capacity then the flesh and blood versions of human being will rule supreme. So enjoy my meetings with fleshlings as long as this is still important.

Remember to never quit your daydream. Even if you have it at 3am.

We all start out crying. Hopefully at the end we have a chance to go out that way, being for the love of the life you had. The time in between those moments shall determine your indifference or loathe for death. In some ways our art does not reflect our life; it projects a life we want, one seemingly a few seconds away. A photo can never be a moment, you can't step into that moment with a photograph. The only thing you can do is to project your words, voice and feelings about that moment but that's like looking at a pizza through a glass window while you are hungry. Its best to go inside and taste it.

Stay hungry my friends, write your very own Mother Goose.

(BTW when I say CMOS im talking about the sensor on my cameras that captures light see here)

A year passes, another year of messing some things up and making old screw ups right. Seeing old friends again, accepting what is different about them. The past is never as grand as we wished it was, our relentless pursuit of nostalgia forces mistakes in our decision making. Nostalgia in movie making has loomed large this year with the celebration of "Back to the Future Part II" and the Rocky and Star Wars reboots.. it felt like the 1980s all over again.

I enjoyed having a few photo shows to end the year. Mostly meeting friends old and new, taking their time to physically come and see me. I'm not sure how much travel or shows will come up this next year, I have been working some long time concepts of mine to get more traction on the work I really like to do.

Take care of yourself and make a lot of good luck.

I've always liked the movie dead poets society for its meaning rather than the story itself. It popularised the phrase "Carpe Diem" in the United States meaning "Seize the day," Side note it's funny that Robin Williams character was the one that touted this mantra in Dead Poets Society when he had a few years earlier make a actual movie called "Seize the Day." Anyway, I really dig the idea of taking advantage of the moments and the feelings that happen within it and creating art out of that. I don't work off of static ideas thought of days before and stick to that script.. as one can obviously see from my work. I feel like if you have a temporary or long term enamorment with everyone involved the work is that much better.

You are your own fuse.

I don't talk much about tech but the Sony A7r II is the best camera since the Nikon D810 and before that the Nikon D700/Canon 5d II and before that the Original Canon 5d. All these cameras that changed how I approached photography. But I think the Sony is further ahead of its time than all these others.

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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