If you grew up in my small hometown in Iowa in the 1980's and listened to a local radio station called KBKB; late at night after you had your glass of milk and read of comic books you may have heard their radio jingle theme song: a remash of Paul Robeson's Ol' Man River from Showboat. Hearing something familiar and reassuring is comfortable. Like a go to style of an artist. Its super fun to venture but there is nothing like someone being good at something. Its interesting to see how they challenge themselves to do better within their chosen artistic expression. We are all competing with each other in some minute form, but who doesn't like it when someone who does your craft succeeds.

I try to create something special every time I go out, join me or watch it here. We all are active participants.

In your art find out what the truth is to you and don't switch. Once you switch to something else due to popularity it will be difficult for you to do that as truthfully to the subject. No one really wants to be the Van Gough of their generation, they would rather be talentless and famous like Kim Kardashian; or iterations and degrees of a person like that. But its "The Fountainhead" paradox, to remain in obscurity in your own time doing fantastic work you believe in or to do what is popular to become popular and successful at that. The ones that chisel their own ways and are the unlicked cub for a time being and then turn that into the fathers of something new and successful are the stories that many of us true artists try to achieve. But improbability is most likely our friend.

Love can't tell me I'm alive, that's just need; but the pain of love tells me every reason for living.

There is something you don't like, something you are sure you don't like. You have not liked it for so long that it feels like the embers of your being cry out for its head. One problem, you can't remember why you don't like it. Its a new year, the Back to the Future Part II year. Why not give whatever that is a chance, its February and years go by fast; changing habits is hard. Except for the habit of changing habits... beat built in complacency at its root.

A lifetime is something everyone has; through vastly different in experiences and length.

The flyover states are often overlooked by the general american conscious. I guess the general dissonance is because they are considered uncultured in comparison to the coastal states. Maybe the correct observation is that the culture is formed from larger ideas from other cultures then the coastal states have the general advantage to this information, but only until the renaissance of information called the internet. The outlying states had an advantage for a very long time but the gap is closing. The access to free fast and good information will change how the globe looks.

Enjoy these photos from a coastal state California and a flyover state Iowa.

It's no huge secret that I like shooting at night; but that's not to say my best work is at night. I believe when I look back to when I throw photo shows about half of my favorite pictures are in good light.

In the light I see with my eyes and I get distracted; but in the dark I see with my mind.

Excited to shoot; I pack my cameras, extra flashes, loads of batteries into my satchel. I organize the butterflies in my stomach so they will be released slowly, separately and in single file. We meet; do a quick hug, hit it off, together our ideas turn into moments, without thinking all night long; we can't control inevitability. I never have to tell you to smile or how to pose. You are a creature of art; you move as the situation dictates. As we get deeper into the night we are running away from the dawn.

We don't dream at night because our wildest dream is to live.

I wanna photoshoot all night and edit everyday.

Most things are best left incomplete, they are best left almost done in your mind but to others the almost done in your mind is perfectly done. No one will ever think its almost done, but they will know when it's overdone. Not everyday tasks like the dishes or your morning commute to work but your creations or adventures. Think of how many movies are ruined by their ending. Endings are just to hard to make right; and if you overstay it it ruins the magic that happened before. I'm not sure how incomplete it should be left but when it feels right you just know it. Some of my photo shoots are just right at 12 hours of work and some are perfect at 3 hours; we just know when its all we have to offer at the best level for that day.

I have always considered myself a night owl but recently getting up early for crossfit has lead me to believe that I am also a morning person. So yeah I think I am both now and found out my true bain is mid afternoon; which is a time best left for napping in my opinion. I am fresh with ideas in the morning; I am stepping out of my dreams and into reality which only happens once a day. Imagination is my morning drink, because who drinks in the morning :)

People that trust are the most wonderful people; it makes you want to throw your love at them unconditionally. You also worry for them and want to protect them because they do blindly trust. The best people I have ever worked with come to me this way, with caution thrown to the wind and we end up creating and having fun for a long time. I can't make good images with someone I cannot connect to or understand.

Photography is purely about people; even if you never point your camera at a bag of bones you will seek satisfaction from others enjoying the work you do. The highest value satisfaction you can get is showing images to people in person. Books, magazines and websites are great ways to promote your work and reach a bigger audience but in the end if you are showing and explaining your work to them in person its just a great thrill. If they like it enough they will put their USD into your shorts. That being said I will be having a few more photo shows the last half of this year; I am currently in the acquisition phase of those shows so as it happens I will update here or my twitter or my facebook or my instagram; phew!

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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