Motivation creates goals, these goals may even seem ridiculous when you say them out loud. But do it its a great exercise. I find it funny that saying something and thinking something even to yourself can bring out the truth or humor in the things we think to ourselves. But every step you get closer to your ridiculous goal makes it appear that it's not as ridiculous anymore.

Oh yeah. I am Scorpio, hear me roar.

Coming back to Los Angeles (or any city for that matter) after weeks in Tokyo is quite a letdown. This is what I do to pick myself back up. The war torn dimples of my grey matter needed a rest, if you can call this that.

Become touched by the absence of light.

But it feels like one.

If you grew up in Japan you probably don't "get it." Its normal, its efficient, its mono ethnic... thats how thing should be right? So as I board my steel eagle to make the flight over the pacific to enjoy the bubble of Japan I feel like an astronaut about to make a quick flight to another civilization. Its not that the people are so different in Japan it's their imagination and execution of their society that is.

If they can't hear the words inside of your head is it really speech? Lets hope they don't because language has limited and sometimes generalised focus. I believe the thing that makes us great creators is the ability to see in between the words in our head and find new approaches. Very few make money reading a book, but most make money making them. Because if it has already been thought its value almost becomes meaningless.

I believe in taking chances, because one shouldn't fear losing a game of chance.

If you grew up in my small hometown in Iowa in the 1980's and listened to a local radio station called KBKB; late at night after you had your glass of milk and read of comic books you may have heard their radio jingle theme song: a remash of Paul Robeson's Ol' Man River from Showboat. Hearing something familiar and reassuring is comfortable. Like a go to style of an artist. Its super fun to venture but there is nothing like someone being good at something. Its interesting to see how they challenge themselves to do better within their chosen artistic expression. We are all competing with each other in some minute form, but who doesn't like it when someone who does your craft succeeds.

I try to create something special every time I go out, join me or watch it here. We all are active participants.

In your art find out what the truth is to you and don't switch. Once you switch to something else due to popularity it will be difficult for you to do that as truthfully to the subject. No one really wants to be the Van Gough of their generation, they would rather be talentless and famous like Kim Kardashian; or iterations and degrees of a person like that. But its "The Fountainhead" paradox, to remain in obscurity in your own time doing fantastic work you believe in or to do what is popular to become popular and successful at that. The ones that chisel their own ways and are the unlicked cub for a time being and then turn that into the fathers of something new and successful are the stories that many of us true artists try to achieve. But improbability is most likely our friend.

Love can't tell me I'm alive, that's just need; but the pain of love tells me every reason for living.

There is something you don't like, something you are sure you don't like. You have not liked it for so long that it feels like the embers of your being cry out for its head. One problem, you can't remember why you don't like it. Its a new year, the Back to the Future Part II year. Why not give whatever that is a chance, its February and years go by fast; changing habits is hard. Except for the habit of changing habits... beat built in complacency at its root.

A lifetime is something everyone has; through vastly different in experiences and length.

The flyover states are often overlooked by the general american conscious. I guess the general dissonance is because they are considered uncultured in comparison to the coastal states. Maybe the correct observation is that the culture is formed from larger ideas from other cultures then the coastal states have the general advantage to this information, but only until the renaissance of information called the internet. The outlying states had an advantage for a very long time but the gap is closing. The access to free fast and good information will change how the globe looks.

Enjoy these photos from a coastal state California and a flyover state Iowa.

It's no huge secret that I like shooting at night; but that's not to say my best work is at night. I believe when I look back to when I throw photo shows about half of my favorite pictures are in good light.

In the light I see with my eyes and I get distracted; but in the dark I see with my mind.

Excited to shoot; I pack my cameras, extra flashes, loads of batteries into my satchel. I organize the butterflies in my stomach so they will be released slowly, separately and in single file. We meet; do a quick hug, hit it off, together our ideas turn into moments, without thinking all night long; we can't control inevitability. I never have to tell you to smile or how to pose. You are a creature of art; you move as the situation dictates. As we get deeper into the night we are running away from the dawn.

We don't dream at night because our wildest dream is to live.

I wanna photoshoot all night and edit everyday.

Most things are best left incomplete, they are best left almost done in your mind but to others the almost done in your mind is perfectly done. No one will ever think its almost done, but they will know when it's overdone. Not everyday tasks like the dishes or your morning commute to work but your creations or adventures. Think of how many movies are ruined by their ending. Endings are just to hard to make right; and if you overstay it it ruins the magic that happened before. I'm not sure how incomplete it should be left but when it feels right you just know it. Some of my photo shoots are just right at 12 hours of work and some are perfect at 3 hours; we just know when its all we have to offer at the best level for that day.

I have always considered myself a night owl but recently getting up early for crossfit has lead me to believe that I am also a morning person. So yeah I think I am both now and found out my true bain is mid afternoon; which is a time best left for napping in my opinion. I am fresh with ideas in the morning; I am stepping out of my dreams and into reality which only happens once a day. Imagination is my morning drink, because who drinks in the morning :)

People that trust are the most wonderful people; it makes you want to throw your love at them unconditionally. You also worry for them and want to protect them because they do blindly trust. The best people I have ever worked with come to me this way, with caution thrown to the wind and we end up creating and having fun for a long time. I can't make good images with someone I cannot connect to or understand.

Photography is purely about people; even if you never point your camera at a bag of bones you will seek satisfaction from others enjoying the work you do. The highest value satisfaction you can get is showing images to people in person. Books, magazines and websites are great ways to promote your work and reach a bigger audience but in the end if you are showing and explaining your work to them in person its just a great thrill. If they like it enough they will put their USD into your shorts. That being said I will be having a few more photo shows the last half of this year; I am currently in the acquisition phase of those shows so as it happens I will update here or my twitter or my facebook or my instagram; phew!

Ten years ago I got the Nikon D100 camera and started doing photography as a passion; I quickly got the D2h for fast action shooting. I have said this before but I took mostly nature and wildlife photos alongside Ron Reznick, if you don't know who he is let me be the first to let you know how crazy good he is. He has more knowledge then you could ever absorb and is so exacting with this photo acquisition techniques that he even has a very large and very detailed page on his website about JUST the shoes he wears to take photos; it must be seen to believed:

When I started to shoot the people I loved and others around me I quickly got bored with poses and tried to find something that was more challenging and visually exciting for me. It took me a long time to start getting the kind of images that I like; I would say around late 2008 I started to create images that have traceable origins to what I do today. So if my math is correct I have spent half my time in photography getting to where I want to be with my image making technique. (Ain't that not a sexy sentence?) My goals this year are to get more brand awareness and to make my images even more personal; to get even more real than my images already are. I guess time will be the judge of that.

Oh yeah I am writing my first photo graphic novel now; looking for people to collaborate with.

The place between what happened and what we remember is a chasm of fluid and feelings.

Sometimes I photograph when nothing is wrong in my life; those are the worst photos I have ever taken. Anything in extreme is unhealthy; even being happy a lot can throw you into a pattern that makes you not want to change at all, its that dirty word complacent. There is a saying in sports (I learned it in tennis) that you learn much more from a hard loss than a easy win.

I grew up in a small town in Iowa; I was constantly busy with activities. We would shoot movies on the weekends and draw comic books during and after school. In tennis season the comic book drawing suffered a little bit but the passion to compete or create was always there. Packed in with those activities was choir and show choir the "swingspan" (named after a large swing span bridge in our home town; a really clever name) directed by the amazing Mr. Chapman. It was exhilarating performing for audiences and I loved the music we performed. There were always select tracks from the band STYX; who I had grown up loving with hits like "Mr. Roboto" and "Come sail away. "One of the best lines that constantly resonates with me when I am creating and editing and looking at photos comes from the STYX song "The Best of Times" is when they say "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime," to me that summarizes everything that is beautiful and fleeting about life and love and the ability to capture it and the ability to lose it. Maybe most importantly is that our lives are defined by wonderful days sprinkled on out life and we never know when these days will happen.

Well fast forward to now I listen to music like anyone pretty much constantly; but I do love those sappy tunes from STYX and Queen and a little more seriously from Pink Floyd. So as you look through these images; listen to your favorite music cause I would have it no other way.

My ideas grow in the dark.

Each day is the beginning or ending of someone's story physically, mentally or in a dream. I am not worried about the physical or mental those things naturally break down over time. I am worried about the end of the dream; a dream for me is not a distant paradise its a completion of ideals that are important to you. Everything can end at any moment; once that moment comes for you, you are defined by the ideals you lived by up to that point, I am on a hot rod pace to make sure the display of my ideals are complete long before I am cosmic dust.

There are no romantic assertions of another analog era in my photography, I am trying to make photographs that are of this era. Thants why you don't see me lugging around hipster film cameras for the sake of "the look" of film for my photography. Its not that I don't enjoy looking at these kind of images or have fun creating them myself, but its not what I want to leave behind. There is a look of the current era and we will know it when we have something better and I intentionally embrace the digital now, no matter how enticing the siren song of filters or film ring.

"If anything is worth doing, it's worth doing to excess." -Edwin H. Land

Transient is the life of the true traveler; it's a addiction on par the most addictive of hobbies. Its no secret that among my most favorite Japanese movies is Seijun Suzuki's classic Tokyo Drifter. The colors and music of that movie always make me want to visit the spots in Tokyo where it was shot at like the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Yoyogi Park. The simple colors of the scenes in that movie feel much like a Kar Wai Wong movie. It was also among the first introductions of the process Bleach bypass in a film; it was not the first but it was the best of that era.

Movies have inspired me; maybe I inspire pianists :)

Gallery Categories: Model Asian Japanese Joshua Michael Rui Nina Nao 2013

This is me walking around Tokyo Japan trying new things. Stumbling along the way is the best part.

When creating a set of images from a adventure one has to tell a story; show others something about that place that is interesting or different and create art and meet new friends while enjoying the good graces of old friends. Its a mile high task of emotions and pressure and in the end its something I enjoy more than anything in the world. Sometime I feel like a poet with a box; trying to fit my words into pictures but in all honest its a subconscious process because more often than not my picture make me feel my words and bring out the humor and dreams than I have.

Its best to look at what I emit from the pictures than what I put in them. Maybe I take my cues from Jazz artists rather than those who make visual art.

I think we are all looking for new adventures that seem familiar in some way; its our lost and found of our hearts.

(BTW Part one of two of my tokyo series. Next one drops in a few days.)

I'll keep my eyes open when reality is good enough, other times meet me in my dream of words found in my pictures. I have not done anything yet; what I have to do is nothing, what I want to do is like screams of joy, what I will do is all that I will leave here.

The thoughts that rise to the top; the instagram notifications that make me smile; the dinner cheesecake that makes me go for a late night run; the money that makes me wake up; the city that makes me fly; the poems and jalapenos that make me tear; it all starts and happens right here.

Things that are distant but seem recent:
- Riding in the backseat on a family trip with my sister carsick
- Being in lust
- Indestructible youth

Things that are recent but seem distant:
- Your hug
- 2012
- A good time

Also get my new book "The Sea at the End of the World" its on iTunes here.

If you only live once for an undetermined amount of time and have to exist in a capitalist society and do not come from a family of generous means then you have to learn to take breaks and do what you want in order recharge your enthusiasm. Even taking a break from doing what you are doing daily in the same place to do it in another place; yeah I am talking about travel. Some of us have a passion in life that is easy for us to do daily; so its hard to quit doing it for any reasonable amount of time. I will be taking a break from my creating in Los Angeles in a few weeks and create on the streets of Tokyo, Japan. I have probably said it a hundred times but I love to walk the city of tokyo all day and night long; there is so much there for one to enjoy.

My eyes never get bored in Tokyo.

I'll give you something for your eyes when I get back; hopefully it can fuel or jumpstart your passions.

Till then enjoy my misadventures.

I had a nightmare that love would never end. You know what they say about nightmares; they won't come true if you don't want them to.

Ever dream you woke up 20 minutes late for a test; ever woke up 20 years early for your destiny?

Instagram rules the nation. Because everything old is still old and boring. Lets all make something new, see you out there.

I am not trying to create a "unfictional" portrait of america but when I look out and see the normal people of my country I am disgusted at the lack of importance we put on intelligence and beauty. I am not talking about our love for celebrity culture and incredible college institutions I am talking about how this applies to the average american; we as a country are generally not that attractive due to our obesity and our ignorance and lack of research is shown through our please me now culture.I think that television programming should trumpet the arts and sciences; but television is not trickle down society it is a mirror of our values.

I hope therefore I have hope. Keep hugging and creating my friends!

There was a time I was looking through my lens at you, but now its on my computer monitor. You sit at home and stare at yourself with your mirrors and wonder if anyone cares and if they do how long will they care about you. I try to replicate what I got in you, getting the feeling for fleeting moments but never quite successful. You try to replicate enjoyment in your life but are always constantly bored and restarting over and never finding what you want. I know what I want forever. You know what you want for this moment.

Life changes, we do not.

You might notice a homeless guy in many of my galleries including this one; thats Fernando of and his facebook fan page. He roams the Arts District and Little Tokyo almost daily with his unique signs and had a art show the other month and is rumored to have another in August.

The farthest you can ever see is looking into the night sky or closing your eyes and imagining all you have ever wished for. I weave these elements in my photography; it's no coincidence they both happen at the same time sleeping and dreaming under the night sky.

Miraculous events in your life are literally seconds away at any time; the same for people that create. I prepare but events happen that I could never foresee. Practice is all about being prepared to capture the event as unique as you can as it happens.

The best advice I could give someone is to be half in the moment, half loving the moment, while capturing the moment.

Time misrepresents itself. It speeds up during good times but slows down during the dull times in life. This` teaches us to appreciate and coddle the good times, but our relentless pursuit for another good time can cause premature boredom in the meantime because we are actively comparing the current moment with the false nostalgia of the past. Our lustful need for nostalgia is one of the main components of social media such as facebook and very visually (think photo filter for ageing a image) for instagram.

I write to understand myself, to vent my feelings all the kind of things that are hard to express in photography. I know these photo updates have nothing to do with the galleries; sure on a surface level thats true but its all just my life and thoughts during this moment and thats all this will ever be; I would rather create and be real forever then sell out and create contrived editorial work. I may not talk about these galleries or individual photos when I release them here but I am always open for discussion of any of my work. I find it disappointing when photographers or artist have nothing to say about what they create or what inspires them. Image is not everything.

Everything I do best I do late at night; I feel like I am the bright night.

Saturday is my fun day; thats the day I create my best photos and meet with the most awesome people. When I was in Jr. High and High School I used to make movies with friends on Saturdays. All my buddies would come over and we would make movies on the fly; with little or no planning, I do the same thing now with my photo shoots; some things don't change as much as you think they do :)

I go places, meet people and hang out, during these interactions people ask me why I take so many photographs. I love to create continuously, I aim to provoke feelings through my photos; humorous sexy or romantic or such. When I dwindle it down to my core need is that they serve as memory; photography is an extension of my brain, its just a way for me to remember life. I know that has become the sole purpose for the general family photographers; and that is also beautiful because the mundane photos they create in hindsight define a era or photography, the professionals rarely do that. My approach is that I don't believe it happened unless I took a photo of it. I have memory photographic.

I don't take your picture; I take you places. The moments are real and the energy is created by the synergy which produces and magic in my pictures. People who come to me thinking its going to be some photo shoot are always wrong; its a life shoot and the closer we get the better the photos are.

I had a butterfly, but I had to put her in the killing jar; the beauty is preserved forever.

Thank you all for a great 2012; I had a few gallery showings to end the year and my last one "Photogasm" is displayed in this gallery. Next year a book and many more gallery showings should happen, stay tuned to my facebook or Instagram "dearingfilm" for show information. I also plan to do more traveling and will be in Tokyo in the spring and maybe the great white north in the summer.

A reminder that if I see you on the streets of any city; say cheese!

Note this gallery is very large; the largest ever presented here at dearingfilm so give it a moment to download. thank you!

The 11th month of the year for me is perfect, the impending year increment the cooling of the temperature and my month of birth :)
Images around my life during this season and my "Flopsided" show in Iowa and side show.
Shout out to all my friends that I take pictures of, you make me look bad; in a good way. I try to do the same for you.

My buddy Eric Calderon dressed up as Tetsuo from the anime Akira and we had a fun time creating around Little Tokyo.

Halloween has always been a great holiday; this year it practically happened over the last weekend.. here are some of my escapade photos.

Step into my light for a evening I will make my art live through you, and thus you will become a piece of my art.

My midwest solo gallery show "Flopsided" opened a few weeks ago and it was nice to see a culmination of years of work up on display; hopefully I can bring the show to Los Angeles pretty soon.

Lately I have seen many photographers trying to either copy my style or shoot my friends so I will say this; you can't copy my style because its not a style it the way people feel when they are around me. There is no way to patent anything because we all learn from each other and my buddy YONE in Japan is always talking about how there are thousands of people that rip his style around the world and especially in China and most notably American Apparel in america which shamelessly adopted his way of shooting in 2003 and then became big; nice job Dov. Well best of luck to everyone anyway maybe you will get your own style someday so that I can copy it :)

See you next gallery because the end keeps coming till the day it stops.

Los Angeles summer has been the hottest of my recent memory, at least since the early 2000's. It has not stopped my night wanderings or my daytime walking through its streets of urban sprawl. I will be working on several book projects these next few months in order to gain greater appreciation for story telling. My galleries can be quite chaotic but I enjoy the chaos of art just thrown out there for the user to decipher what the meaning and the real story behind the pictures. But as my buddy Gabriel Kwok used to say quite often, Perception Precedes Reality; I like how that sounds but would like to add that I feel much more fortunate when Reality precedes Perception.

Yes the butterfly fluttered off so I chase other butterflies.

Los Angeles is not a walking city; but I have done a lot of walking around it lately; up to 80 miles a week at some points. There are a few interesting things to be found along these journeys, while it is no Tokyo it has interesting spots. I have found a myriad of new photo locations for my shoots and I enjoy going against the mold as I do with my photography.

Welcome to the new site; its now mobile friendly as you can notice by shrinking your browser the content will fit in the browser window down to displaying the full images when you get to iPhone sizes. Since I have a huge backlog of work to show there will be a few updates to the side rapidly in the next few weeks; so keep coming back and enjoy this new set of work.

My first book "The Sea at the End of the World" is in its final stages; more info when I get it and I am working on writing for my second book; it too should be in graphic novel format. I have a gallery showing in the Midwest in October so also more info later on that.

Photos from Tokyo Style 2012 which was a load of fun running through the crowd and taking photos and seeing great friends once again.

Repetition is creation reduces the boundaries, that or the boundaries come as second nature. Hearing legendary photographer Daido Moriyama speak the other day at LACMA really reinforced my belief that what I am doing is the right thing. I find insparation by those dark gloomy black and white gritty photos that you can almost taste that come out of his era of Japanese photography, like I have said in the past no photos quite speak to me like the ones Masahisa Fukase produced. I love walking around large cities for most of the day finding stories along the way, which is essentially what he does and considers himself a Street Photographer. He always looks for a interesting looking place to walk to which is the same thing I do and I have heard novelists talk about this technique for making a story rather than a story finding you. We are all just storytellers, some are much more direct than others but every photo I show tells part of a moment and it is up to the viewers to decide what that moment was. That is the beauty of photography and art which video mostly lacks; your brain needs to be engaged with this medium.

Another interesting thing Daido mentioned was finding photos by smell; he did not elaborate well on that topic but I will take it somewhere with my mind and try to incorporate it into my photo acquisition.

I am a bit like Kwai Chang Caine; walking the earth and finding adventure, hopefully a moment before it finds me.

The central idea is to play out my dreams in real life My dreams were born in Iowa, they are coming to fruition in Los Angeles. I dust off my lenses every night as I passionately search for the moments I had and try to duplicate the feelings with a new cast. Duplication is never as good but perfecting is the life of a artist. Forever was desperately short with you. But as time goes on I am no longer able to reconnect with the feelings I have retired.

While walking around doing the things we have to do we have many ideas but if not realized they will be downgraded to dreams. I go out and live my dreams daily if possible, I am Joshua Dearing and this is my life...

No one can deny the influence Tokyo has on the entire world; it is a city that appears clean but at the same time has the same underlying problem of decay and erosion that all cities have. It is maintained and patched better the most cities that wait for a place to completely go bad then simple replace it; Tokyo does some of the same but in the the meantime it is presented better so you have a appearance of cleanliness. It was a beautiful experience looking for the best stains I could run across in this great city. Please enjoy!

Gallery Categories: Tokyo Japan 2012 Stains Far-Reaching

Waves of the ocean hitting your body count down the remaining moments of your life; how many waves do you have left? You can worry about extending your life or extend the meaning of your life.

Enjoy this myriad of beautiful people and places.

This is how I think, in the first of a series of galleries that reveal my true sanity wherein I show you how I see the world and the objects that exist around us. I just keep smiling and keep creating.

This series was all shot in Tokyo while I walked around day and night. I felt that I was being stared at by these figments of my imagination. You decide what reality is but first please let me introduce you to my new friends.

Gallery Categories: Tokyo Japan 2011 Faces Far-Reaching

Momma you know its you that taught me that this life is about creating and smiling; and that's what this boy is gonna keep doing for the next 60 plus years. Daddy you taught me that no matter how good a artist is there never complete without a person or team that understands and helps and creates with them. Even if you are never proud of me or my work I am so proud to have you both as parents; the original dynamic duo.

But deep down my arrogance tells me I am a champion in their eyes.

When I walk the streets of Tokyo day and night I pace myself so I can obtain as many diverse images as possible to fulfill the needs of the galleries. I swear the reason they call it the land of the rising sun is because you see the sun rise in the morning after the clubs close as you are walking to the first train. This gallery is my Tokyo people gallery; it will be followed by several types of galleries over the next few updates.

Special thanks to Robert Alfa for hosting me for the few weeks I was there, and the Butterfly who helped me believe in myself.

I would like to thank everyone I have ever taken a photo of in all 100 galleries here, you have all inspired me to continue my prolific creations during this time of my life. It would not be a 100th gallery unless there was something in there for everybody, so take a gander I am sure you will know what I mean. I spent a lot of time making these images to give them the classic dEaringfilm homage while progressing my style and pointing towards the future of my look. There are so very exciting announcements for the end of this year that will be revealed in the coming months; but for now enjoy Headband Heroine and her magic in front of the camera.

99 gallery's of dEaringfilm on the wall, (repeat) click in one, share the link, 98 more to go! Yes, welcome to the 99th gallery on this latest iteration of dEaringfilm; the highly anticipated 100th coming in a day.

I think I am on to something here; the more I look down the more I see things I should see when I look up. I think I will continue this trend to see where I end up. Expect a "Tokyo Stains" gallery in a month or so. I sure wish I could do a Tokyo Smells gallery; all of which are very good and bad.

Gallery Categories: Los Angeles 2011 Stains Far-Reaching

Party pictures from last nights Splash Fest with many DJ's from Japan. This is a huge gallery so I have divided it into two parts, part 1 is here.

Party pictures from last nights Splash Fest with many DJ's from Japan. This is a huge gallery so I have divided it into two parts, part 2 is here.

As a consumer of media and art something is always happening that bends the rules of reality, the implementation of it determines if its easy to accept and transparent or if it sucks and therefore not believed. We can apply motion, actions and characteristics for other organisms and objects independent of the natural state of the said being or object (we do this a lot in architecture). Take for example Disney's original animated Alice in Wonderland which is quite a lovely movie. There are all sorts of trippy and fantastic things that happen in the movie but the one that caught my eye the most as being quite odd was the white rabbit. Its not because he was the gateway drug to the other world for Alice but he was so similar to myself. He did something no other rabbit can do, something I'm not sure their mechanics would permit; simply put if I was a Rabbit I would walk and so does he.

A quick check and this is the 12th time Haruna DJ Barbie has been in a gallery here at dEaringfilm and her 3rd solo gallery. That is pretty cool since she only shoots with me and our buddy Yasumasa Yonehara "YONE."

"Is that him over there? Hmm yeah funny floppy walk, that's about right six feet tall and wearing hightops and shorts. Ok now for the audio confirmation.. yeah hes saying crap like "boom" and "bam" after a few good shots." If you see that on the streets of LA yeah its me. If he look like he's having too much fun, yeah that's me, If he has a pink camera or pays no attention to any camera settings or light, yeah that's me. People bump into me when I am having shoots; admittedly rarer when I am having a classic dEaringfilm nightshoot but when they are out and about during the day it happens and I always try to give them a few jokes or pointers before I go about my stuff. My point is though its ok to invade one of my shoots for a few minutes I love everyone so come join in on the fun and get a free hug and photo!

Obsession is beautiful. Beauty is not a poem. Its something unintended for beauty's sake that interests me. I am totally obsessed with reality and I will forever search for the root of that obsession through human sexuality, the suns beautiful crepuscular rays and art. In this gallery I attempt to turn such a everyday things as stains on the streets of Los Angeles into objects from my past or memories of a distant object almost half blurred by the slow degradation of my memories.

Gallery Categories: Los Angeles People 2011 Stains Far-Reaching

Beverly Hills High repping at dEaringfilm with this Midsummer Night's Dream girl. When I am deep into a shoot and creating its a special kind of feeling because its not just me, its absolute synergy between the model and I. I can never take full credit for the end result and sometimes I just like to put the pieces into place for a creative environment and see what happens. I hope I can take the white light and turn it into a rainbow for you.

Gallery Categories: Model Korean Chinese Asian Cindy 2011

Let others attach themselves to your dreams for a while, let them ride the waves of your exuberance for the goal. When it is their time to get of the dream wave wish them the best and keep going. For your chance is but a chance of a chance.

Gallery Categories: Model Japanese Asian Stephanie 2011

Growing up in Iowa left me a lot of time to explore many interests, among those were choir and show choir (think Glee the TV show). Even photography was one of those passing phases; yes I earned my photo street credibility by doing my time in the darkroom with those smelly chemicals. Anyway in show choir I learned to love a love of music among which were STYX and Queen which I had listed to before but performing them on stage was quite a thrill. One of my favorite lines from a STYX song was "long nights, impossible odds." I feel that is what everyone has to do to give the work they do a chance to be seen, so keep dreaming and putting in those long nights whether they be shooting, or otherwise :)

When I wake up in the morning I don't exactly sing the lyrics to the song "here comes the sun." I make it no secret that daytime is fantastic for a number of things like outdoor activites, tennis and day trips. Nighttime is mysterious sexy and fantastic, its when all the good things happen. In my world night time is where all my daydreams come true. A friend of mine and I were talking the other night and she gave me quite a compliment that sums up my approach in photography, she said "I like that you see the beauty in everyone and back it up, no matter if they are a model or just normal person." I am inspired by the people I shoot, some upgrade my vision and will be longed forever, others come and go and I am grateful for their time and effort.

Everyone who loves the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and lives in Los Angeles has a reason to go the the Valley once a year and check it out at Lake Balboa Park. I try to get there every year; sometimes I miss it and sometimes I make it. I couldn't tell what the case was this time but I enjoyed it nevertheless. The dry LA riverbed was also very interesting.

Life is not a game, we create games to escape and delay the hard decisions we have to make every day. Rather I believe that life is a large playhouse; or rather simply put life is truly unique and there is nothing to compare it to; because all comparisons are life itself.

Photos from a party/club fundraiser at the Luxy 101 named "TakeOFF! LUXY 101" to help the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake last month. Please continue to keep giving to the Japanese Red Cross.

While shooting there is a quiet party happily dancing the time away in my head. I am a story of bliss while shooting and to some extent editing, and hopefully you all can see that in my photos. I may appear like this crazy Flaming Strait guy but its a quiet contained party, like a rock and roll Tea Party, one that has a great time with engaging conversation.

Also for my fans in Rowland Heights, this Saturday Night April 9, 2011 (9pm to 2am) please stop by the Luxy 101 @ 18043 Gale Ave.Los Angeles, CA 91748 and see me and get pix taken and donate for Tsunami/Earthquake Victims in Japan. Facebook event info here.

She didn't know how much importance it would hold in our lives, but after more than 20 years of brother and sister give and take she bought it for me. Once upon a time in the early 1990's on Christmas my little sis "Hil Bil" got a present that would forever change our preference in music and introduce us to genres that our ears had never tasted before under the cold Iowa air. Immediately after the "opening" ceremony of Christmas presents had taken place I took my sisters new music CD "Songs Of The Cat" downstairs to my bedroom to play on my fancy Pioneer 5 disk 1st generation CD player. What happened from that time on till just a few years ago was a fierce almost never ending battle of ownership over the CD. It was this CD that opened my virgin ears up to the wonderful voice of Garrison Keller, compound that with never hearing a Johnny Cash song and it was bliss to a young boys cold winter. Songs of that Cat's funny remakes of Cash and other songs make the actual versions seem like the fraud (almost).

Oh and in this gallery little Kitty models for me :)

Photos from Operation Tomodachi Sunday night at Vanguard in Hollywood, to benefit the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011. Please donate to the Red Cross in Japan.

A mashmitch of Fuji Instax Cheki images over the last few shoots (some shoots to come on this site) including some clothing by United Couture and some Hair and Makeup by Haruka Shibata. Enjoy these lighthearted fun images. Quite a few galleries will drop over the next few week so be on the watch.

We shall not cease from exploring
And at the end of our exploration
We will return to where we started
And know the place for the first time.
- T. S. Eliot

You wander onto the grass from the dirt path, the slight dew wets the bottom of your bare feet as you look around and don't see any other human beings. This is a familiar place you are in that you have never seen; the smell of your favorite daytime perfume is overpowered by the fresh wind that pushes your hair back just enough to tickle your ears. Your eyes close as you remember last night the crowd and the disco ball that looked like a Death Star shooting its beams into your eyes; it was a good time but you bring your mind back to the moment of now. You are young, you are beautiful, this only happens once... take a long breath smile and do everything you have ever wanted to do.

Once you get around the first corner after walking up the long flight of concrete stairs you would swear your not in your typical Architectural installation. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is impressive in all its light reflecting goodness. I'm sure several million people have shot this mangled Postmodern Frank Gehry dreamscape, but every trip back you just want to feel like you are among the first to see something new in it. Its a special place in the land of dreams, and its nice to feel special there.

Getting wild and having fun times with dEaringfilm. A myriad of photo shoots and locations over the great Los Angeles area.

♥ Haruna DJ Barbie♥ stopped over at dEaringfilm the other day for a small promo shoot for her DJ events in Canada over Christmas, these are a few of my favorites from the drop by.

The night talks to the light on my images, I enjoy shooting when your most likely to be looking at this site :)

Creativity for me is not a stroke of genius its building upon previous ideas and shoots to get things done better than before while creating conditions for new possibilities in a collaborative manner. The Cosmos on a grand scale seems disorganized and random but once studied its randomness becomes very ordered and follows known scientific findings based on math and physics. The act of creating involves the same set of rules but on a much simpler scale. Everything is really just in a miniature version of something larger conducting business on its own proper scale.

So yes I'm building on my ideas and motifs and with each shoot I get better and explore more ways to present the ideas I have developed. Enjoy Rosa shes an amazing person and model.

No picture is ever you. Its rather the light available hitting off of a animate object, while stopped in time. You are what is much deeper; that's what I try to find out. Models I shoot may pop up in many galleries while I try to figure out who they are; the more I know the better my results. Vision for me and my style is a collaborative effort; it can be one sided when one has a epiphany, but general day to day stuff is always better in a relaxed collaborative environment.

I remember once I woke up for a dream and came away with this embedded in my mind: "The moments before I went insane there was brilliant clarity in my thoughts..."

West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival 2010, had to be and maybe I sound like a broken Vinyl Record but it had the most people in one place I have ever seen in Los Angeles. Didn't take as many photos as I wanted to because I was busy enjoying the crowd.

Last night at Vanguard in Hollywood Toshi Vdeejay Loquito (Twitter) spun on stage for over 3 hours in one of the most amazing DJ appearances I have ever been witness too. He rocked the more than packed house as people parties in their Halloween gear. Makes me wonder what will happen tonight :) Please give the gallery a minute or so to load since this is the largest gallery this site has ever had! My load script loads all the images so the viewing is super fast when loaded.

Los Angeles is full of magical little spots that within them have a magic sweet spot of time to visit. With the right combination of chemistry there is not much thinking to do and that's how I like it best to just feel through photos rather than think them through too much; its not for every occasion but were never the same person twice. Fashion designers are awesome people and Trixie has a eye for motion and how it relates to projecting a look. Enjoy these hand crafted images.

HM Sound System put on a terrific event this past sat night in Chinatown at Mountain Bar, featuring a hundred or so of my images along with the super talented Sam Comen. It was great to meet and talk to people about my work while showing off my new stickers and shirts, thank you for all coming and making this event a success and hopefully we can do it again!

I have seen the Sun rise in the land of the rising sun, only because the trains close from around 12am to around 5am forcing you to either hang out or go to a love hotel. Living on the west coast gives one a very easy laid back lifestyle; probably faster paced than the lifestyle of the United States south but clearly not as fast as that in Metropolis like Tokyo and New York.

People come here for the consistent weather and great looking people. Its a great combination, but I must remind those that are natives of the left coast; its nice to get out of your element once a year at least, it wakes you up.

We power on with the never-ending beautiful sunshine; here is Rui to show you a few moments in her life here.

A few weekend parties, the JPY party at My House club was great; I just wish JPY would not associate with the members of the koreatown reality show; its gonna give them a bad name for sure. I also dropped by my friends party where things go super crazy for the rest of the night :)

The faster we travel the less we age. Science dictates all rules and yet we are led to believe that the faster and more fun life will lead to a quicker end to it all. I for one believe in fast and furious; fun and colorful and leave a pretty hard drive full of pictures.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and make this fall as if your jumping from the stratosphere.

There is always something happening in Los Angeles, you just have to find it. From the 2WJD store show in Santa Monica to a Koreatown movie shooting to the south bay birthday parties and Karaoke.

Walking around Downtown LA at night, one never knows who they will bump into.

Tokyo Style was amazing, more people that I have ever seen at a single club event in LA. To put it in perspective its kinda supposed to be the little brother of Tokyo Night but it surpassed the Tokyo Night number by almost 500 people... which is amazing, it felt soo much bigger than Tokyo Night. I am sure a lot of is has to do with the Tokyo Style Promoters and team. Anyway great night with great people, there are two galleries because of the large number of images. You are currently looking at Part 2 to get to Part 1 click here. The DJ Ami Suzuki and DJ Mayumi photos will get published once they are approved by their teams. Enjoy these large galleries and ill see you at the next party!

Tokyo Style was amazing, more people that I have ever seen at a single club event in LA. To put it in perspective its kinda supposed to be the little brother of Tokyo Night but it surpassed the Tokyo Night number by almost 500 people... which is amazing, it felt soo much bigger than Tokyo Night. I am sure a lot of is has to do with the Tokyo Style Promoters and team. Anyway great night with great people, there are two galleries because of the large number of images. You are currently looking at Part 1 to get to Part 2 click here. The DJ Ami Suzuki and DJ Mayumi photos will get published once they are approved by their teams. Enjoy these large galleries and ill see you at the next party!

Event pix from JFS Summer Nights at Crown Bar, JFS events are always a must attend. Also pix from the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena which until January 2011 has the amazing works of Utagawa Hiroshige among many impressive exhibits.

I cannot teach you how to think like I was thinking while looking at my photos, your interpretation is probably much better then my intention. It was a beautiful, long & mild weathered summer here in Los Angeles. Here are some of the photos I liked as I lived my life. The sun is about to set on summer 2010 in a few weeks so lets all get out and enjoy its last few breaths.

typical weekend in Los Angeles, J Restaurant and Lounge with Toshi Vdeejay Loquito and Atomic Mike and other parties!

Celebrating the 60th Gallery on this new dEaringfilm website I invited over a bunch of friends and had a great time, good people good company. I just let the girls be girls. There are 2 promo posters available for this shoot, a drawing and a Seibu Department Store Mash up. Please check them out.

Inject yourself into the world around you, see beyond the normal limitations of the retina; open your eyes and enjoy visions which could normally only exist within the mind.

About this Gallery's Motivation
I set out to try to create something different; while trying to embrace the truly digital world of photography I grew up in. Legions of people embrace the limitations and qualities of analog film and its cameras. I strived to create something truly unique to digital in a way which has not been done. I hope that I give it a like-able quality akin to the love people show for the wild light leaks of Holga and other toy analog cameras. Using a variety of techniques I embraced digital limitations unlike I have seen before, limitations that are could be frowned upon but I hope you can see the beauty within My Wicked World.

About this Gallery's Tech
The camera I used was strait out of the box with no modifications at all, a simple point and shoot digital camera (non DSLR or SLR). There were no in camera Photoshop like settings used either, just auto white balance and sharpening set on high. I created these by using the limitations of our current digital point and shoot cameras. Again, no Photoshop cropping or any edits; strait from the camera! The images were re-saved for web size and copyright info.

The sun is our largest neon light, giving us a healthy diet of pure life. Enjoy it every day, since it has only about 5 billion years left in it and it average sized among its peers. I would think that to Americans NASA is our best hope for the life as we know it to survive after the sun starts to dim and move into the red giant phase which will end our planet. Everything that has ever been created will be completely destroyed and recreated, this is true of everything in our universe and known space.

Truth be told I am a late bloomer, or rather it may seem like that with everything I become interested in. I start something new and it seems like people years younger than me have years upon years of experience ahead of me. But late bloomers are given a advantage of having a fresh approach after others are stuck in a similar, hard to get rid of approach from when they started.

This gallery is a partial clothing collaboration with Shiho Oribe's brand 2WJD. She designs a nice fresh approach to West LA's Sawetell and Olympic's stratosphere. Stop in and see them or purchase through their online store. I hope to have many more collaborations with her brand.

One of the most difficult things I find myself attempting to accomplish is to live inside a moment. Truly living in a moment means you have relax and live with little thought for the future or past, which is herculean for most people to do. I don't call it letting your guard down I call it opening your mind up. When these conditions are met the moments captured are not as important as the moments remembered.

There is a place where the sidewalk begins, and before my mind ends. Its a place where the photos, ideas and good times flow like a neverending rainbow. Come join me and will never forget our time together, regrets or no regrets you will forever be changed. Thank you for your support and the most precious gift of time.

The Caterpillar has turned into the Monarch and wandered to her home country of Japan give a dream a shot. With the human condition and survival of the fittest we must deal with things as the come and as they go, dreams constantly change and have to be reevaluated and assessed for their likelihood of completion. Failing at a dream can be very tragic, but as one dream fails it leads us into a new path. Once on this new path to a new dream, we might have never imagined that things could happen any differently.

As a child I was not interested in fairy tales before I went to bed, I much preferred being sung to by my mother because it was more calming and natural. One of my favorite songs to hear (and I think my sisters too) was "Cotton Fields Back Home," as any great songwriter knows a good song can tell a great story and take you into the moment with more richness than the words alone. With any art you try to tell a story, sometimes its totally linear and other times its more like Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. This is part one of a two part gallery in which the second part will be released in a few days.

Oh My Darling, when circular sound is hovering over your head moving to the beat the times are good. The stars above our head emit the light of the past which we reflect with smiles and hopes for the future perfect. In that past which has been filled with lessons learned and moments enjoyed, we grow wiser and more open to the adventures of the future. Embracing things once not embraced and realizing that while it seems things won't ever end, our inevitable fate as stardust will come. We will be reincarnated as the light emitting on some other far off world as they dance to their music under our light.

Photos from the "Memorial Sunday Special Event: ♥ ♥ Special Lingerie Fashion Show!!♥ ♥," lots of buddies there and good times and to top it off a few of my friends in the Lingerie show; there all so awesome!

Mike Maceda a.k.a. Atomic Mike rocked the house last night at MyHouse in Hollywood. It was nice to see a DJ that does not need a laptop to rock and enjoys the crowd as much as they enjoy him, hopefully I will have a chance to follow him around more cause he knows how to spell fun!

Enjoy these photos of new LA Barbie Girl "Haruna Deejay Barbie," shes rising in fame and I tried to give a side of her we can all enjoy. She recently shot with YONE so check out his rendition of her on his website. My photos tend to have a story that involves the background and his are tight and sexy.

I know a lot of women love the color pink so I created a pink wall here at dEaringfilm. Pink has its roots recently in women's culture as their color but most women will say they like a man to wear just a bit of a aggressive color like pink in his outfit. Heck you have to admit colors like teal and pink really can make you stand out. Anyway I degress... I wanted to get into a little ditty about the Pink Film industry in Japan that has quite a fan base even though it was for all intents killed out by the AV industry; but I really don't know much about it other than I really love the films I have seen. There is a Pink Film Festival here in LA next month that looks quite interesting called "A Pinksummer Night's Dream: Exploring the World of Pink Eiga." I think ill be attending it.

First off there was a live photo shoot at Siren Studios then the Cali Jammin' "DJ BARBIE + MC H-SLANG * Birthday Bash!" Both had great crowds and especially loved the free food and Wine at the Siren Studios shoot... always a plus. Tokyo Legend YONE was in town for WeSC and was at the Cali Jammin' event @ the awesome J-Lounge.

I attended a few events first was a private event where I did not take photos. Then the wildly artistic "Sugar and Spice Art and Fashion Show le premier," where my friends Makaha and Maurice ran the runway. Next was Haruna Deejay Barbie's birthday party at Cabana Club in Hollywood. The night ended with the Human Centipede, at the Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica where Quentin Tarantino was in appearance and Akihiro Kitamura took questions about the movie. Some of those questions can be found on my Vimeo stream.

Life can be short or life can be as long as we imagine it to be. As the years creep up its important to have tried many of the things you set out to do. Hopefully you took the opportunity to do many things that were not in your comfort zone, nothing is given in this life nor do we know what we are truly good at until we give it a spin. Try as much as you are comfortable with once; your body is the greatest tool you will ever own. Regret is something we all have to live with, it teaches us and gives us character.

Go outside,don't even look at this gallery; and live.

Make your moments.

David Choe's "Nothing to Declare" is amazing and running at the new Lazarides gallery in Beverly Hills. Its a free show and much better than anything I have seen at LACMA and their multi million dollar expansions in the past few years. Also pix from JFS's "Sake Slam" that happened in Little Tokyo's Chop Suey, it was a great time for all and look forward to their next event.

Photography and music go hand in hand. I don't get as much into my photo shoots without playing music for the model and I, it makes us all feel better. When I am taking landscape photos they turn out much better when I am listening to Philip Glass or Ludwig. I saw Starlight Express in Iowa in 1989 and enjoyed it, it was the first time I had ever seen a musical and I loved the music with the motion, I feel this is very similar to photography and acquiring images.

Shinichi Osawa is pretty amazing, especially if you hear him live. I particularly like his mix to "Star Guitar" which I can listen to over and over again... his version is Sublime. This photo set is about emotion and feeling what the model is feeling and not as stiff hopefully... less poses and more feeling could be another good name for it. Please buy Shinichi Osawa's "The One+" off of iTunes (or preferred service and format) play it and flip through these photos... that's how I edited them :)

Kissy kiss kiss. Japonica in Redondo Beach hosted the "SaKuRa 2010 Thank You Party" over the weekend. It was a super small venue so I didn't expect much but was completely surprised by how great the people were and how many people showed up. Lots of ladies and men having a great time, kissing, hugging and partying!

My favorite book is a ancient book written over a 1000 years ago about observations in daily life, a lot of my photography is inspired by these observations and my wanting to create observations of my own that are much like them. Sei Shonagon's: "The Pillow Book," is not a typical book, its more like what the experts call a Poetic Diary. Its a must read for anyone who loves people observations and behavior.

These shots were taken in "dEaringfilm Studio" and are raw and emotion based given the white background.

JFS; Japan Film Society threw a event for Aaron Woolfolk to show his Short Films from Film School to give his audience a little more background on his feature film coming this Friday "The Harimaya Bridge" @ Laemmle in Los Angeles. Aaron is a great guy and every dollar spent to see this film will help the cause of cross borders film making. Thank you Royal/T for hosting the event, your place rocks!!

Natural expressions picked up through environments that a person has spent time in are always my favorite to catch. Observers often know a lot about a person's background based on the few default expressions they make. Lily is bleeding with non verbal expression influence from her time in Tokyo. I try to capture the essence of what the person is rather than paste a ideal-set and background into them, but I am guilty as the rest by sometimes injecting my opinion about what I think this person should be.

Tokyo party girls are my favorite people, especially when they are American like Lily. Unknowingly we have quite a few mutual connections in Tokyo, just to show you how small this wonderful little planet is.

Hopped over to pick up MRB @ the Merry Karnowsky Gallery on La Brea where it was the opening night of Camille Rose Garcia's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and the last night of Victor Castillo's "Strange Fruit" which I absolutely loved. Then off to "On the Roxy" where eyeshine's Maurice Salmin was playing.

Once upon a time in Las Vegas...

I love taking pictures of you. Come over we will hang out and ill take some dandy looking images of you, and we will have a good time. There is a lot of love in these images, these are my friends. I hope to see you too in my galleries someday but for the time being enjoy these moments in my life presented in multiple formats and a lot of feeling.

Pix from the Contemporary Japanese Cinema Film Festival at USC, Little Tokyo After-party and Koreatown After-After party. Featuring such great Japanese directors as Ryuhei Kitamura, Shunji Iwai, Shinji Aoyama. I really loved Shunji Iwai's Love Letter... a personal favorite.

Pretty Pink Princess sits on the hill with many options, the trick is to choose the one where she gets the most flowers in the end. Not everyone has these options or these hills but I am sure she will choose wisely or regret. This universe is the only thing she can know and there is only one chance to live it well as far as we know.

Who knows it may all be a joke, lets laugh as hard as we can.

Tokyo Night 2010 was a blast especially because the great Tomoyuki Tanaka (pictured above with me) a.k.a FPM (Fantastic Plastic Machine), was there to spin to give a the crowd a feel for the real Tokyo style. I saw him twice last month in Tokyo and he was on his game reading the crowd and making us all happy. Club Taotou was a great venue even though I heard a few bad things about it it was great for the huge crowd it attracted.

Beethoven has his 9th, I am not ready to call this that but I did enjoy making these.

Some people really like to capture images with groups of photo buddies, while I do love the crowd and the party when I am out taking those types of image there are times it is good to separate from others influence and take photos that say the most about yourself. That being said these images are about the relationship between people in Tokyo but not necessarily people images. I choose to take photos that can paint a picture of the relationship they have with one another in a city that is flooding with people that they have to create a almost Solitude state while dealing with one another in public.

I really love to put my feet to the ground in Tokyo and walk forever with no certain destination. I can walk in almost Solitude without worry of being bothered and go about my business of making images in the giant Metropolis. This is something that is hard to do in other cities I have visited and live in, especially when photographing people on the street. So you could imagine that taking photos that say something about inner city Solitude is best done by putting yourself in the same state when going about capturing them. Cheers (not a pun), and Enjoy!

No, I'm not wearing the 3-D glasses because of Avatar... heheh. They give a new meaning to the term Beer Goggles when at a party. Enjoy the pix.

Some random shooting around Tokyo hanging out with friends including Yasumasa Yonehara at his Creeps Gallery which is where he conducts quite a few of his shoots and the famous couch that is in so many of his photos. Including a few random observations of cute and neat stuff around Tokyo.

Some pretty great events in Tokyo are thrown by Tokyo Dandy at pretty much my favorite small little club called the Trump Room; other places are bigger but every time I go to the Trump Room I really like the crowd. I also hung out a lot at my other favorite places like lebaron de paris and Velours.

Today is your life.
You're in Great Places!
You're here and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the person who'll decide what to do.

You'll look up and down streets. Look 'em over with care.
About some you will say, "I don't choose to go there."
With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet,
you're too smart to go down any not-so-good street.

And you may not find any
you'll want to go down.
In that case, of course,
you'll head straight to Japan.

It's opener there
in the wide open air.

Out there things can happen
and frequently do
to people as brainy
and footsy as you.

And then things start to happen,
don't worry. Don't stew.
Just go right along.
You'll start happening too.


Notoriously and generally the Long Beach does not like photography, more specifically the security for the Oil refineries and ports in Long Beach do not want it due to some movie plot George Bush enabling policies. Department of Homeland Security has no law in place about taking photos from publically viewable places so I often enjoy taking photos of the refineries in Torrance and Long Beach. You might notice that in a few of these photos I managed to avoid any altercations with security and capture the Oil refineries in the background.

The world's Endless Desire for Black Gold as a magical potion of movement will have to end at some point and be redirected to a more green power based energy source. The point that this will happen is rapidly approaching and can be slowed down as we practice better more efficient energy use and demand products we use do the same. The best of times are over for the oil industry and they need to be more publically friendly and realize it like Frank Pentangeli said in Godfather, "Those were the great old days, you know... And we was like the Roman Empire... The Corleone family was like the Roman Empire..."

Oil is a magical wonderful potion and we should treat it so and taper down our use of it. We have had a good run Texas Tea, don't be a sore winner.

Gallery Categories: Model Long Beach Oil Japanese 2010

DJ Hilow and "Top Stage Fashion Show & After Party @ Gonpachi" rocked Beverly Hills with a great event and prelude to the coming event in February "Tokyo Night 2010 @ Claub Tatou." Hope to see you all there!!

Fun in Ayasae, Shibuya and Roppongi on New Years Eve 2010, all photos taken between 20:00 (8pm for us American) and 10:00(am).

I will be in Tokyo for the next few weeks making photos during the day and shooting clubs and people at night. If you are in Tokyo drop me a email and Ill try to make time for everyone :) I'll be promoting dEaringfilm with shirts and conducting other business. The above shirt design is by Serge Fiedos, with the concept by myself.

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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