I grew up in a small town in Iowa; I was constantly busy with activities. We would shoot movies on the weekends and draw comic books during and after school. In tennis season the comic book drawing suffered a little bit but the passion to compete or create was always there. Packed in with those activities was choir and show choir the "swingspan" (named after a large swing span bridge in our home town; a really clever name) directed by the amazing Mr. Chapman. It was exhilarating performing for audiences and I loved the music we performed. There were always select tracks from the band STYX; who I had grown up loving with hits like "Mr. Roboto" and "Come sail away. "One of the best lines that constantly resonates with me when I am creating and editing and looking at photos comes from the STYX song "The Best of Times" is when they say "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime," to me that summarizes everything that is beautiful and fleeting about life and love and the ability to capture it and the ability to lose it. Maybe most importantly is that our lives are defined by wonderful days sprinkled on out life and we never know when these days will happen.

Well fast forward to now I listen to music like anyone pretty much constantly; but I do love those sappy tunes from STYX and Queen and a little more seriously from Pink Floyd. So as you look through these images; listen to your favorite music cause I would have it no other way.

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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