Last night at Vanguard in Hollywood Toshi Vdeejay Loquito (Twitter) spun on stage for over 3 hours in one of the most amazing DJ appearances I have ever been witness too. He rocked the more than packed house as people parties in their Halloween gear. Makes me wonder what will happen tonight :) Please give the gallery a minute or so to load since this is the largest gallery this site has ever had! My load script loads all the images so the viewing is super fast when loaded.

Los Angeles is full of magical little spots that within them have a magic sweet spot of time to visit. With the right combination of chemistry there is not much thinking to do and that's how I like it best to just feel through photos rather than think them through too much; its not for every occasion but were never the same person twice. Fashion designers are awesome people and Trixie has a eye for motion and how it relates to projecting a look. Enjoy these hand crafted images.

HM Sound System put on a terrific event this past sat night in Chinatown at Mountain Bar, featuring a hundred or so of my images along with the super talented Sam Comen. It was great to meet and talk to people about my work while showing off my new stickers and shirts, thank you for all coming and making this event a success and hopefully we can do it again!

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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