Creativity for me is not a stroke of genius its building upon previous ideas and shoots to get things done better than before while creating conditions for new possibilities in a collaborative manner. The Cosmos on a grand scale seems disorganized and random but once studied its randomness becomes very ordered and follows known scientific findings based on math and physics. The act of creating involves the same set of rules but on a much simpler scale. Everything is really just in a miniature version of something larger conducting business on its own proper scale.

So yes I'm building on my ideas and motifs and with each shoot I get better and explore more ways to present the ideas I have developed. Enjoy Rosa shes an amazing person and model.

No picture is ever you. Its rather the light available hitting off of a animate object, while stopped in time. You are what is much deeper; that's what I try to find out. Models I shoot may pop up in many galleries while I try to figure out who they are; the more I know the better my results. Vision for me and my style is a collaborative effort; it can be one sided when one has a epiphany, but general day to day stuff is always better in a relaxed collaborative environment.

I remember once I woke up for a dream and came away with this embedded in my mind: "The moments before I went insane there was brilliant clarity in my thoughts..."

West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival 2010, had to be and maybe I sound like a broken Vinyl Record but it had the most people in one place I have ever seen in Los Angeles. Didn't take as many photos as I wanted to because I was busy enjoying the crowd.

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