Waves of the ocean hitting your body count down the remaining moments of your life; how many waves do you have left? You can worry about extending your life or extend the meaning of your life.

Enjoy this myriad of beautiful people and places.

This is how I think, in the first of a series of galleries that reveal my true sanity wherein I show you how I see the world and the objects that exist around us. I just keep smiling and keep creating.

This series was all shot in Tokyo while I walked around day and night. I felt that I was being stared at by these figments of my imagination. You decide what reality is but first please let me introduce you to my new friends.

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Momma you know its you that taught me that this life is about creating and smiling; and that's what this boy is gonna keep doing for the next 60 plus years. Daddy you taught me that no matter how good a artist is there never complete without a person or team that understands and helps and creates with them. Even if you are never proud of me or my work I am so proud to have you both as parents; the original dynamic duo.

But deep down my arrogance tells me I am a champion in their eyes.

When I walk the streets of Tokyo day and night I pace myself so I can obtain as many diverse images as possible to fulfill the needs of the galleries. I swear the reason they call it the land of the rising sun is because you see the sun rise in the morning after the clubs close as you are walking to the first train. This gallery is my Tokyo people gallery; it will be followed by several types of galleries over the next few updates.

Special thanks to Robert Alfa for hosting me for the few weeks I was there, and the Butterfly who helped me believe in myself.

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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