"If anything is worth doing, it's worth doing to excess." -Edwin H. Land

Transient is the life of the true traveler; it's a addiction on par the most addictive of hobbies. Its no secret that among my most favorite Japanese movies is Seijun Suzuki's classic Tokyo Drifter. The colors and music of that movie always make me want to visit the spots in Tokyo where it was shot at like the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Yoyogi Park. The simple colors of the scenes in that movie feel much like a Kar Wai Wong movie. It was also among the first introductions of the process Bleach bypass in a film; it was not the first but it was the best of that era.

Movies have inspired me; maybe I inspire pianists :)

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This is me walking around Tokyo Japan trying new things. Stumbling along the way is the best part.

When creating a set of images from a adventure one has to tell a story; show others something about that place that is interesting or different and create art and meet new friends while enjoying the good graces of old friends. Its a mile high task of emotions and pressure and in the end its something I enjoy more than anything in the world. Sometime I feel like a poet with a box; trying to fit my words into pictures but in all honest its a subconscious process because more often than not my picture make me feel my words and bring out the humor and dreams than I have.

Its best to look at what I emit from the pictures than what I put in them. Maybe I take my cues from Jazz artists rather than those who make visual art.

I think we are all looking for new adventures that seem familiar in some way; its our lost and found of our hearts.

(BTW Part one of two of my tokyo series. Next one drops in a few days.)

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