My favorite book is a ancient book written over a 1000 years ago about observations in daily life, a lot of my photography is inspired by these observations and my wanting to create observations of my own that are much like them. Sei Shonagon's: "The Pillow Book," is not a typical book, its more like what the experts call a Poetic Diary. Its a must read for anyone who loves people observations and behavior.

These shots were taken in "dEaringfilm Studio" and are raw and emotion based given the white background.

JFS; Japan Film Society threw a event for Aaron Woolfolk to show his Short Films from Film School to give his audience a little more background on his feature film coming this Friday "The Harimaya Bridge" @ Laemmle in Los Angeles. Aaron is a great guy and every dollar spent to see this film will help the cause of cross borders film making. Thank you Royal/T for hosting the event, your place rocks!!

Natural expressions picked up through environments that a person has spent time in are always my favorite to catch. Observers often know a lot about a person's background based on the few default expressions they make. Lily is bleeding with non verbal expression influence from her time in Tokyo. I try to capture the essence of what the person is rather than paste a ideal-set and background into them, but I am guilty as the rest by sometimes injecting my opinion about what I think this person should be.

Tokyo party girls are my favorite people, especially when they are American like Lily. Unknowingly we have quite a few mutual connections in Tokyo, just to show you how small this wonderful little planet is.

Hopped over to pick up MRB @ the Merry Karnowsky Gallery on La Brea where it was the opening night of Camille Rose Garcia's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and the last night of Victor Castillo's "Strange Fruit" which I absolutely loved. Then off to "On the Roxy" where eyeshine's Maurice Salmin was playing.

Once upon a time in Las Vegas...

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