Time misrepresents itself. It speeds up during good times but slows down during the dull times in life. This` teaches us to appreciate and coddle the good times, but our relentless pursuit for another good time can cause premature boredom in the meantime because we are actively comparing the current moment with the false nostalgia of the past. Our lustful need for nostalgia is one of the main components of social media such as facebook and very visually (think photo filter for ageing a image) for instagram.

I write to understand myself, to vent my feelings all the kind of things that are hard to express in photography. I know these photo updates have nothing to do with the galleries; sure on a surface level thats true but its all just my life and thoughts during this moment and thats all this will ever be; I would rather create and be real forever then sell out and create contrived editorial work. I may not talk about these galleries or individual photos when I release them here but I am always open for discussion of any of my work. I find it disappointing when photographers or artist have nothing to say about what they create or what inspires them. Image is not everything.

Everything I do best I do late at night; I feel like I am the bright night.

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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