There are few colors like red, it says above all colors look at me and respect my beauty. What is more beautiful than Dracula standing over his prey with red blood smothered over his face? Just to be clear, when I say Dracula I mean Bela Lugosi. That being said, very few people can wear read and get away with it, I for one have very few red items in my wardrobe, besides a few bloody tuxes hehhhheehehhe "I come to suck your blood!"

I really enjoyed working with Anneken (Yes like Luke's father), because she already had a pretty good idea of the types of looks that she looks good in. Working with her reminds me of how much I love working with models that are not afraid of their own body.

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Lets face it in America Columbia is pretty much know for its crops. That being said I bet the first two you can think of are Coffee and Cocaine, I guess its to each their own! But as seen in this gallery it can be known for its timeless beauties. The things that really stand out for me are her absolutely perfect teeth and golden brown eyes, those catch you without you knowing your caught.

I spent about a hour working with Yaneth (pronounced like Jaanee, like the Japanese good bye phrase. She has quite a lot of confidence as a first time model and really hit some decent poses even though she was just having fun with it all, which I will say is much like myself.

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