Everyone who loves the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and lives in Los Angeles has a reason to go the the Valley once a year and check it out at Lake Balboa Park. I try to get there every year; sometimes I miss it and sometimes I make it. I couldn't tell what the case was this time but I enjoyed it nevertheless. The dry LA riverbed was also very interesting.

Life is not a game, we create games to escape and delay the hard decisions we have to make every day. Rather I believe that life is a large playhouse; or rather simply put life is truly unique and there is nothing to compare it to; because all comparisons are life itself.

Photos from a party/club fundraiser at the Luxy 101 named "TakeOFF! LUXY 101" to help the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake last month. Please continue to keep giving to the Japanese Red Cross.

While shooting there is a quiet party happily dancing the time away in my head. I am a story of bliss while shooting and to some extent editing, and hopefully you all can see that in my photos. I may appear like this crazy Flaming Strait guy but its a quiet contained party, like a rock and roll Tea Party, one that has a great time with engaging conversation.

Also for my fans in Rowland Heights, this Saturday Night April 9, 2011 (9pm to 2am) please stop by the Luxy 101 @ 18043 Gale Ave.Los Angeles, CA 91748 and see me and get pix taken and donate for Tsunami/Earthquake Victims in Japan. Facebook event info here.

She didn't know how much importance it would hold in our lives, but after more than 20 years of brother and sister give and take she bought it for me. Once upon a time in the early 1990's on Christmas my little sis "Hil Bil" got a present that would forever change our preference in music and introduce us to genres that our ears had never tasted before under the cold Iowa air. Immediately after the "opening" ceremony of Christmas presents had taken place I took my sisters new music CD "Songs Of The Cat" downstairs to my bedroom to play on my fancy Pioneer 5 disk 1st generation CD player. What happened from that time on till just a few years ago was a fierce almost never ending battle of ownership over the CD. It was this CD that opened my virgin ears up to the wonderful voice of Garrison Keller, compound that with never hearing a Johnny Cash song and it was bliss to a young boys cold winter. Songs of that Cat's funny remakes of Cash and other songs make the actual versions seem like the fraud (almost).

Oh and in this gallery little Kitty models for me :)

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