Repetition is creation reduces the boundaries, that or the boundaries come as second nature. Hearing legendary photographer Daido Moriyama speak the other day at LACMA really reinforced my belief that what I am doing is the right thing. I find insparation by those dark gloomy black and white gritty photos that you can almost taste that come out of his era of Japanese photography, like I have said in the past no photos quite speak to me like the ones Masahisa Fukase produced. I love walking around large cities for most of the day finding stories along the way, which is essentially what he does and considers himself a Street Photographer. He always looks for a interesting looking place to walk to which is the same thing I do and I have heard novelists talk about this technique for making a story rather than a story finding you. We are all just storytellers, some are much more direct than others but every photo I show tells part of a moment and it is up to the viewers to decide what that moment was. That is the beauty of photography and art which video mostly lacks; your brain needs to be engaged with this medium.

Another interesting thing Daido mentioned was finding photos by smell; he did not elaborate well on that topic but I will take it somewhere with my mind and try to incorporate it into my photo acquisition.

I am a bit like Kwai Chang Caine; walking the earth and finding adventure, hopefully a moment before it finds me.

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