Ten years ago I got the Nikon D100 camera and started doing photography as a passion; I quickly got the D2h for fast action shooting. I have said this before but I took mostly nature and wildlife photos alongside Ron Reznick, if you don't know who he is let me be the first to let you know how crazy good he is. He has more knowledge then you could ever absorb and is so exacting with this photo acquisition techniques that he even has a very large and very detailed page on his website about JUST the shoes he wears to take photos; it must be seen to believed: http://www.digital-images.net/Shoes/shoes.html.

When I started to shoot the people I loved and others around me I quickly got bored with poses and tried to find something that was more challenging and visually exciting for me. It took me a long time to start getting the kind of images that I like; I would say around late 2008 I started to create images that have traceable origins to what I do today. So if my math is correct I have spent half my time in photography getting to where I want to be with my image making technique. (Ain't that not a sexy sentence?) My goals this year are to get more brand awareness and to make my images even more personal; to get even more real than my images already are. I guess time will be the judge of that.

Oh yeah I am writing my first photo graphic novel now; looking for people to collaborate with.

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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