Mike Maceda a.k.a. Atomic Mike rocked the house last night at MyHouse in Hollywood. It was nice to see a DJ that does not need a laptop to rock and enjoys the crowd as much as they enjoy him, hopefully I will have a chance to follow him around more cause he knows how to spell fun!

Enjoy these photos of new LA Barbie Girl "Haruna Deejay Barbie," shes rising in fame and I tried to give a side of her we can all enjoy. She recently shot with YONE so check out his rendition of her on his website. My photos tend to have a story that involves the background and his are tight and sexy.

I know a lot of women love the color pink so I created a pink wall here at dEaringfilm. Pink has its roots recently in women's culture as their color but most women will say they like a man to wear just a bit of a aggressive color like pink in his outfit. Heck you have to admit colors like teal and pink really can make you stand out. Anyway I degress... I wanted to get into a little ditty about the Pink Film industry in Japan that has quite a fan base even though it was for all intents killed out by the AV industry; but I really don't know much about it other than I really love the films I have seen. There is a Pink Film Festival here in LA next month that looks quite interesting called "A Pinksummer Night's Dream: Exploring the World of Pink Eiga." I think ill be attending it.

First off there was a live photo shoot at Siren Studios then the Cali Jammin' "DJ BARBIE + MC H-SLANG * Birthday Bash!" Both had great crowds and especially loved the free food and Wine at the Siren Studios shoot... always a plus. Tokyo Legend YONE was in town for WeSC and was at the Cali Jammin' event @ the awesome J-Lounge.

I attended a few events first was a private event where I did not take photos. Then the wildly artistic "Sugar and Spice Art and Fashion Show le premier," where my friends Makaha and Maurice ran the runway. Next was Haruna Deejay Barbie's birthday party at Cabana Club in Hollywood. The night ended with the Human Centipede, at the Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica where Quentin Tarantino was in appearance and Akihiro Kitamura took questions about the movie. Some of those questions can be found on my Vimeo stream.

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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