There is a place where the sidewalk begins, and before my mind ends. Its a place where the photos, ideas and good times flow like a neverending rainbow. Come join me and will never forget our time together, regrets or no regrets you will forever be changed. Thank you for your support and the most precious gift of time.

The Caterpillar has turned into the Monarch and wandered to her home country of Japan give a dream a shot. With the human condition and survival of the fittest we must deal with things as the come and as they go, dreams constantly change and have to be reevaluated and assessed for their likelihood of completion. Failing at a dream can be very tragic, but as one dream fails it leads us into a new path. Once on this new path to a new dream, we might have never imagined that things could happen any differently.

As a child I was not interested in fairy tales before I went to bed, I much preferred being sung to by my mother because it was more calming and natural. One of my favorite songs to hear (and I think my sisters too) was "Cotton Fields Back Home," as any great songwriter knows a good song can tell a great story and take you into the moment with more richness than the words alone. With any art you try to tell a story, sometimes its totally linear and other times its more like Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. This is part one of a two part gallery in which the second part will be released in a few days.

Oh My Darling, when circular sound is hovering over your head moving to the beat the times are good. The stars above our head emit the light of the past which we reflect with smiles and hopes for the future perfect. In that past which has been filled with lessons learned and moments enjoyed, we grow wiser and more open to the adventures of the future. Embracing things once not embraced and realizing that while it seems things won't ever end, our inevitable fate as stardust will come. We will be reincarnated as the light emitting on some other far off world as they dance to their music under our light.

Photos from the "Memorial Sunday Special Event: ♥ ♥ Special Lingerie Fashion Show!!♥ ♥," lots of buddies there and good times and to top it off a few of my friends in the Lingerie show; there all so awesome!

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