As the great Piston Honda once said "I'll give you a TKO from Tokyo." Tokyo gave me a TKO from its life and energy, you just have to be out in Tokyo to see what its about. Its like when your a child approaching summer vacation and you hear the neighborhood kids playing outside when you are trying frantically to finish your homework before the sun goes down. You too want to enjoy those precious moments in the sun with your friends. I feel like that in Tokyo, if I'm at my computer uploading or backing up photos I feel like I am missing out on something great happening. Therefore I am a Turtle in the Sun while hanging out in Tokyo, I just have to be out exploring and meeting people because one never knows who you are going to run into. Its a huge city but I bump into people I know over and over again. These photos document my night travels, whether they be in a club or in the alleys of "Club Shibuya,*" I'm out there getting it done! But I digress and to my pleasure Piston Honda also said "Where is the NHK TV camera? Hello, Tokyo!" Well I say, "Hello Tokyo; I am Joshua hear me Snap, Snap, Snap."

*Club Shibuya refers to the practice of hanging out in Shibuya outside of convenience stores or Don Quixote buying cheap alcohol and talking to people that walk by. Its the best experience in Tokyo one can have for a night of unplanned activities.

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There are a few things that resonate with me when I am in Tokyo, one of them being the motion of the city. Very few cities in the world can match the continuous motion of humans and objects, its utterly addicting to sit and watch or to watch from within the motion. Another layer of the "Tokyo Jungle" is the unique styling of the some of the textures and buildings... intentional or earned that way due to wear and tear. The layers of building over building and wires around poles that some might think are distracting some views but are quite a beautiful thing to behold much like in the tranquility of a forest the overgrowth of vegetation. In this gallery I look at both concepts and try to blend them together showing that the Architect can definitely run with Achilles.

The name of this gallery plays off of the new wonderful Takeshi Kitano movie Achilles and the Tortoise. After his last two movies I was about to give up on him but he completely surprised me once again and made a wonderful movie about a artist who constantly tries to make it his entire life.

I might pass you on the street and ask you to model, I know you for years and ask you to stay put for a few seconds, I could possibly jump out of nowhere and start making pictures, you may recognize me and ask me to shoot you. However we do these impromptu short shoots or photos they deserve a space of their own, so every once in a while I will have a "You are my Subject" gallery and throw all my recent favorites in there.

These photos were mostly taken when I was doing my day and night Wandering around mostly in the Kanto region in Japan. The next series will probably be in Los Angeles, but who knows. Enjoy these moments, I find them better or at least as good as any regular photo shoot because real people make photos. By the way Kanto Wanderer is what I am for sure, heart and soul but its also the name of one of my favorite 1960's Japanese movies by Seijun Suzuki, "Kanto Wanderer."

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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