Inject yourself into the world around you, see beyond the normal limitations of the retina; open your eyes and enjoy visions which could normally only exist within the mind.

About this Gallery's Motivation
I set out to try to create something different; while trying to embrace the truly digital world of photography I grew up in. Legions of people embrace the limitations and qualities of analog film and its cameras. I strived to create something truly unique to digital in a way which has not been done. I hope that I give it a like-able quality akin to the love people show for the wild light leaks of Holga and other toy analog cameras. Using a variety of techniques I embraced digital limitations unlike I have seen before, limitations that are could be frowned upon but I hope you can see the beauty within My Wicked World.

About this Gallery's Tech
The camera I used was strait out of the box with no modifications at all, a simple point and shoot digital camera (non DSLR or SLR). There were no in camera Photoshop like settings used either, just auto white balance and sharpening set on high. I created these by using the limitations of our current digital point and shoot cameras. Again, no Photoshop cropping or any edits; strait from the camera! The images were re-saved for web size and copyright info.

The sun is our largest neon light, giving us a healthy diet of pure life. Enjoy it every day, since it has only about 5 billion years left in it and it average sized among its peers. I would think that to Americans NASA is our best hope for the life as we know it to survive after the sun starts to dim and move into the red giant phase which will end our planet. Everything that has ever been created will be completely destroyed and recreated, this is true of everything in our universe and known space.

Truth be told I am a late bloomer, or rather it may seem like that with everything I become interested in. I start something new and it seems like people years younger than me have years upon years of experience ahead of me. But late bloomers are given a advantage of having a fresh approach after others are stuck in a similar, hard to get rid of approach from when they started.

This gallery is a partial clothing collaboration with Shiho Oribe's brand 2WJD. She designs a nice fresh approach to West LA's Sawetell and Olympic's stratosphere. Stop in and see them or purchase through their online store. I hope to have many more collaborations with her brand.

One of the most difficult things I find myself attempting to accomplish is to live inside a moment. Truly living in a moment means you have relax and live with little thought for the future or past, which is herculean for most people to do. I don't call it letting your guard down I call it opening your mind up. When these conditions are met the moments captured are not as important as the moments remembered.

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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