Tomoya is going back to Japan after finishing his masters degree program here in the United States and Akihiro Kitamura is just getting his Hollywood career started, and thats pretty much everything you need to know; hehe.

So take some time to enjoy these strait up nonsensical people having a good time house party photos. I do however love to entertain the crowd with as the Japanese call it "High Tension" :) so enjoy!

I never considered myself a flower child, but one might think that growing up in the era which I did and parents of the Hippie era that might be possible. Even though they are both incredibly artistically talented and probably enjoyed that time as much as anyone living in it I'm not sure I would ever call them full fledged Hippies. I think all the Hippies became the Yuppies that everyone hated, my parents never went that route.

Here are a few photos of Mami I took in the Aoyama area in Tokyo, Japan. She has the free spirit and party girl mentality somewhat reminiscent of the hippie era. I really enjoy working with people that are free spirited and never take this kind of stuff serious because it shows in every photo and it looks great.

If our government's social programs some day get in order we might have enough spare money left over to do the kinds of things that have only been seen in dream like waking states in our mind. The universe is ever reaching and beautiful and could do more for the human spirit and mind to see these things and separate ourselves from the things that take up our time, energy and brain that have little to do with what is important for the advancement of our species. The waking state of the human is typically 16 hours per day, a chunk of this time is spent doing regular routines and chores while only a small amount can be spent on the kinds of things that our brains love. Everyone should take just a few minutes each day to give their mind food for its passion of exploration because deep down the seeds of survival of the fittest are rooted in travel and exploration to find better and more livable places. So until our planet can find enough money to at least step on Mars I will never be able to see things you people wouldn't believe...

Here are a few things you may or may not have seen, maybe not even as good as C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser gate, but are sufficient for our pale blue dot.

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