As I was picking out my favorite misc photos from summer 2009 and listening to the new Jay-Z album "The Blueprint 3" which was borrowing samples from the Alphaville song "Forever Young" I could not help but to think what my favorite movies of the 1980's were. I cannot imagine the 80's without thinking of Gremlins, Goonies, Spies Like Us, Rocky 4, Transformers the Movie (original animated version) and Return of the Jedi and the influence they had on my life at that time. Much later I learned to appreciate Blade Runner, Big Trouble in Little China, Tampopo and The Princess Bride. These movies all has that 1980's innocence to them that was lost into the 1990's which I have no issue with but it defines a time period quite well.

These images are from either small shoots, some parties I attend or hang outs with people... they don't fit in a gallery of their own but are some of my favorite images I took all summer. Thus this is the theme of the category "You are my Subject" galleries.

Will one of the next great Japanese Movie Directors, Actress or Actors make their break in America? While I can't answer that but what I can say is that the "Japan Film Society" is alive and strong in Los Angeles and gaining support with every event they throw. These events are a good opportunity to network within that community and find people for your motion picture based projects. Check them out at their website: Thanks to Winston's on Santa Monica for hosting the event.

Dearing: A Post in Four Chapters

I think its nice to defy a great deal of the the normal conventions in life, to live the way you think you should. Its a super easy thing to say this but in practice you face many obstacles that make for a lot of confusion when dealing with others. This is a shoot that I shot mostly from the hip and hoped that that photos would come out good; I was more concerned with energy than perfect focus and framing. I think a lot of the normal photographic conventions are great when a photographer is starting out or shooting weddings or such where people expect a certain look. Eventually we need to insert more into our photos and approach each shoot like its the first day of school and not finals week. SO'B is a fly by day and grin by night kind of person, her funness and attitude is easy to feel from quite a few of these creations.

As a kid I used to eat Sardines out of the can with my dad, rather he taught me that it was the preferred way to do so. Does anyone know what the proper way to eat canned Sardines is? We would put a little bit of Mustard on them and walla a instant meal (or was that snack?). Speaking of Mustard my dad told me that when he was growing up and he used to eat French Fried with Mustard the people used to look at him weird because everyone used Ketchup. Well the last laugh is on them with their High Fructose Corn Syrup because unless your Mustard is one of those stupidly fancy or McDonald's Mustards it has no calories at all and tasted better than the Ketchup :)

Don't get discouraged, I for one think that anything can happen if you believe it to be. Remember that if you have the right mindset its not too late to become what you might have become irregardless of your age or gender.

If you can't figure out the title of this galley, then you need to check out the wonderful RGB value of (204, 255, 0) and watch a few old movies with a Lime in your Diet Coke (or drink of choice).

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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