Waves of the ocean hitting your body count down the remaining moments of your life; how many waves do you have left? You can worry about extending your life or extend the meaning of your life.

Enjoy this myriad of beautiful people and places.

This is how I think, in the first of a series of galleries that reveal my true sanity wherein I show you how I see the world and the objects that exist around us. I just keep smiling and keep creating.

This series was all shot in Tokyo while I walked around day and night. I felt that I was being stared at by these figments of my imagination. You decide what reality is but first please let me introduce you to my new friends.

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Momma you know its you that taught me that this life is about creating and smiling; and that's what this boy is gonna keep doing for the next 60 plus years. Daddy you taught me that no matter how good a artist is there never complete without a person or team that understands and helps and creates with them. Even if you are never proud of me or my work I am so proud to have you both as parents; the original dynamic duo.

But deep down my arrogance tells me I am a champion in their eyes.

When I walk the streets of Tokyo day and night I pace myself so I can obtain as many diverse images as possible to fulfill the needs of the galleries. I swear the reason they call it the land of the rising sun is because you see the sun rise in the morning after the clubs close as you are walking to the first train. This gallery is my Tokyo people gallery; it will be followed by several types of galleries over the next few updates.

Special thanks to Robert Alfa for hosting me for the few weeks I was there, and the Butterfly who helped me believe in myself.

I would like to thank everyone I have ever taken a photo of in all 100 galleries here, you have all inspired me to continue my prolific creations during this time of my life. It would not be a 100th gallery unless there was something in there for everybody, so take a gander I am sure you will know what I mean. I spent a lot of time making these images to give them the classic dEaringfilm homage while progressing my style and pointing towards the future of my look. There are so very exciting announcements for the end of this year that will be revealed in the coming months; but for now enjoy Headband Heroine and her magic in front of the camera.

99 gallery's of dEaringfilm on the wall, (repeat) click in one, share the link, 98 more to go! Yes, welcome to the 99th gallery on this latest iteration of dEaringfilm; the highly anticipated 100th coming in a day.

I think I am on to something here; the more I look down the more I see things I should see when I look up. I think I will continue this trend to see where I end up. Expect a "Tokyo Stains" gallery in a month or so. I sure wish I could do a Tokyo Smells gallery; all of which are very good and bad.

Gallery Categories: Los Angeles 2011 Stains Far-Reaching

Party pictures from last nights Splash Fest with many DJ's from Japan. This is a huge gallery so I have divided it into two parts, part 1 is here.

Party pictures from last nights Splash Fest with many DJ's from Japan. This is a huge gallery so I have divided it into two parts, part 2 is here.

As a consumer of media and art something is always happening that bends the rules of reality, the implementation of it determines if its easy to accept and transparent or if it sucks and therefore not believed. We can apply motion, actions and characteristics for other organisms and objects independent of the natural state of the said being or object (we do this a lot in architecture). Take for example Disney's original animated Alice in Wonderland which is quite a lovely movie. There are all sorts of trippy and fantastic things that happen in the movie but the one that caught my eye the most as being quite odd was the white rabbit. Its not because he was the gateway drug to the other world for Alice but he was so similar to myself. He did something no other rabbit can do, something I'm not sure their mechanics would permit; simply put if I was a Rabbit I would walk and so does he.

A quick check and this is the 12th time Haruna DJ Barbie has been in a gallery here at dEaringfilm and her 3rd solo gallery. That is pretty cool since she only shoots with me and our buddy Yasumasa Yonehara "YONE."

"Is that him over there? Hmm yeah funny floppy walk, that's about right six feet tall and wearing hightops and shorts. Ok now for the audio confirmation.. yeah hes saying crap like "boom" and "bam" after a few good shots." If you see that on the streets of LA yeah its me. If he look like he's having too much fun, yeah that's me, If he has a pink camera or pays no attention to any camera settings or light, yeah that's me. People bump into me when I am having shoots; admittedly rarer when I am having a classic dEaringfilm nightshoot but when they are out and about during the day it happens and I always try to give them a few jokes or pointers before I go about my stuff. My point is though its ok to invade one of my shoots for a few minutes I love everyone so come join in on the fun and get a free hug and photo!

Obsession is beautiful. Beauty is not a poem. Its something unintended for beauty's sake that interests me. I am totally obsessed with reality and I will forever search for the root of that obsession through human sexuality, the suns beautiful crepuscular rays and art. In this gallery I attempt to turn such a everyday things as stains on the streets of Los Angeles into objects from my past or memories of a distant object almost half blurred by the slow degradation of my memories.

Gallery Categories: Los Angeles People 2011 Stains Far-Reaching

Beverly Hills High repping at dEaringfilm with this Midsummer Night's Dream girl. When I am deep into a shoot and creating its a special kind of feeling because its not just me, its absolute synergy between the model and I. I can never take full credit for the end result and sometimes I just like to put the pieces into place for a creative environment and see what happens. I hope I can take the white light and turn it into a rainbow for you.

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Let others attach themselves to your dreams for a while, let them ride the waves of your exuberance for the goal. When it is their time to get of the dream wave wish them the best and keep going. For your chance is but a chance of a chance.

Gallery Categories: Model Japanese Asian Stephanie 2011

Growing up in Iowa left me a lot of time to explore many interests, among those were choir and show choir (think Glee the TV show). Even photography was one of those passing phases; yes I earned my photo street credibility by doing my time in the darkroom with those smelly chemicals. Anyway in show choir I learned to love a love of music among which were STYX and Queen which I had listed to before but performing them on stage was quite a thrill. One of my favorite lines from a STYX song was "long nights, impossible odds." I feel that is what everyone has to do to give the work they do a chance to be seen, so keep dreaming and putting in those long nights whether they be shooting, or otherwise :)

When I wake up in the morning I don't exactly sing the lyrics to the song "here comes the sun." I make it no secret that daytime is fantastic for a number of things like outdoor activites, tennis and day trips. Nighttime is mysterious sexy and fantastic, its when all the good things happen. In my world night time is where all my daydreams come true. A friend of mine and I were talking the other night and she gave me quite a compliment that sums up my approach in photography, she said "I like that you see the beauty in everyone and back it up, no matter if they are a model or just normal person." I am inspired by the people I shoot, some upgrade my vision and will be longed forever, others come and go and I am grateful for their time and effort.

Everyone who loves the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and lives in Los Angeles has a reason to go the the Valley once a year and check it out at Lake Balboa Park. I try to get there every year; sometimes I miss it and sometimes I make it. I couldn't tell what the case was this time but I enjoyed it nevertheless. The dry LA riverbed was also very interesting.

Life is not a game, we create games to escape and delay the hard decisions we have to make every day. Rather I believe that life is a large playhouse; or rather simply put life is truly unique and there is nothing to compare it to; because all comparisons are life itself.

Photos from a party/club fundraiser at the Luxy 101 named "TakeOFF! LUXY 101" to help the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake last month. Please continue to keep giving to the Japanese Red Cross.

While shooting there is a quiet party happily dancing the time away in my head. I am a story of bliss while shooting and to some extent editing, and hopefully you all can see that in my photos. I may appear like this crazy Flaming Strait guy but its a quiet contained party, like a rock and roll Tea Party, one that has a great time with engaging conversation.

Also for my fans in Rowland Heights, this Saturday Night April 9, 2011 (9pm to 2am) please stop by the Luxy 101 @ 18043 Gale Ave.Los Angeles, CA 91748 and see me and get pix taken and donate for Tsunami/Earthquake Victims in Japan. Facebook event info here.

She didn't know how much importance it would hold in our lives, but after more than 20 years of brother and sister give and take she bought it for me. Once upon a time in the early 1990's on Christmas my little sis "Hil Bil" got a present that would forever change our preference in music and introduce us to genres that our ears had never tasted before under the cold Iowa air. Immediately after the "opening" ceremony of Christmas presents had taken place I took my sisters new music CD "Songs Of The Cat" downstairs to my bedroom to play on my fancy Pioneer 5 disk 1st generation CD player. What happened from that time on till just a few years ago was a fierce almost never ending battle of ownership over the CD. It was this CD that opened my virgin ears up to the wonderful voice of Garrison Keller, compound that with never hearing a Johnny Cash song and it was bliss to a young boys cold winter. Songs of that Cat's funny remakes of Cash and other songs make the actual versions seem like the fraud (almost).

Oh and in this gallery little Kitty models for me :)

Photos from Operation Tomodachi Sunday night at Vanguard in Hollywood, to benefit the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011. Please donate to the Red Cross in Japan.

A mashmitch of Fuji Instax Cheki images over the last few shoots (some shoots to come on this site) including some clothing by United Couture and some Hair and Makeup by Haruka Shibata. Enjoy these lighthearted fun images. Quite a few galleries will drop over the next few week so be on the watch.

We shall not cease from exploring
And at the end of our exploration
We will return to where we started
And know the place for the first time.
- T. S. Eliot

Dearingfilm and the photos on Dearingfilm are Copyright © Joshua Dearing 2002-2015; email me if you would like my services.

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