I don't take your picture; I take you places. The moments are real and the energy is created by the synergy which produces and magic in my pictures. People who come to me thinking its going to be some photo shoot are always wrong; its a life shoot and the closer we get the better the photos are.

I had a butterfly, but I had to put her in the killing jar; the beauty is preserved forever.

Thank you all for a great 2012; I had a few gallery showings to end the year and my last one "Photogasm" is displayed in this gallery. Next year a book and many more gallery showings should happen, stay tuned to my facebook or Instagram "dearingfilm" for show information. I also plan to do more traveling and will be in Tokyo in the spring and maybe the great white north in the summer.

A reminder that if I see you on the streets of any city; say cheese!

Note this gallery is very large; the largest ever presented here at dearingfilm so give it a moment to download. thank you!

The 11th month of the year for me is perfect, the impending year increment the cooling of the temperature and my month of birth :)
Images around my life during this season and my "Flopsided" show in Iowa and side show.
Shout out to all my friends that I take pictures of, you make me look bad; in a good way. I try to do the same for you.

My buddy Eric Calderon dressed up as Tetsuo from the anime Akira and we had a fun time creating around Little Tokyo.

Halloween has always been a great holiday; this year it practically happened over the last weekend.. here are some of my escapade photos.

Step into my light for a evening I will make my art live through you, and thus you will become a piece of my art.

My midwest solo gallery show "Flopsided" opened a few weeks ago and it was nice to see a culmination of years of work up on display; hopefully I can bring the show to Los Angeles pretty soon.

Lately I have seen many photographers trying to either copy my style or shoot my friends so I will say this; you can't copy my style because its not a style it the way people feel when they are around me. There is no way to patent anything because we all learn from each other and my buddy YONE in Japan is always talking about how there are thousands of people that rip his style around the world and especially in China and most notably American Apparel in america which shamelessly adopted his way of shooting in 2003 and then became big; nice job Dov. Well best of luck to everyone anyway maybe you will get your own style someday so that I can copy it :)

See you next gallery because the end keeps coming till the day it stops.

Los Angeles summer has been the hottest of my recent memory, at least since the early 2000's. It has not stopped my night wanderings or my daytime walking through its streets of urban sprawl. I will be working on several book projects these next few months in order to gain greater appreciation for story telling. My galleries can be quite chaotic but I enjoy the chaos of art just thrown out there for the user to decipher what the meaning and the real story behind the pictures. But as my buddy Gabriel Kwok used to say quite often, Perception Precedes Reality; I like how that sounds but would like to add that I feel much more fortunate when Reality precedes Perception.

Yes the butterfly fluttered off so I chase other butterflies.

Los Angeles is not a walking city; but I have done a lot of walking around it lately; up to 80 miles a week at some points. There are a few interesting things to be found along these journeys, while it is no Tokyo it has interesting spots. I have found a myriad of new photo locations for my shoots and I enjoy going against the mold as I do with my photography.

Welcome to the new site; its now mobile friendly as you can notice by shrinking your browser the content will fit in the browser window down to displaying the full images when you get to iPhone sizes. Since I have a huge backlog of work to show there will be a few updates to the side rapidly in the next few weeks; so keep coming back and enjoy this new set of work.

My first book "The Sea at the End of the World" is in its final stages; more info when I get it and I am working on writing for my second book; it too should be in graphic novel format. I have a gallery showing in the Midwest in October so also more info later on that.

Photos from Tokyo Style 2012 which was a load of fun running through the crowd and taking photos and seeing great friends once again.

Repetition is creation reduces the boundaries, that or the boundaries come as second nature. Hearing legendary photographer Daido Moriyama speak the other day at LACMA really reinforced my belief that what I am doing is the right thing. I find insparation by those dark gloomy black and white gritty photos that you can almost taste that come out of his era of Japanese photography, like I have said in the past no photos quite speak to me like the ones Masahisa Fukase produced. I love walking around large cities for most of the day finding stories along the way, which is essentially what he does and considers himself a Street Photographer. He always looks for a interesting looking place to walk to which is the same thing I do and I have heard novelists talk about this technique for making a story rather than a story finding you. We are all just storytellers, some are much more direct than others but every photo I show tells part of a moment and it is up to the viewers to decide what that moment was. That is the beauty of photography and art which video mostly lacks; your brain needs to be engaged with this medium.

Another interesting thing Daido mentioned was finding photos by smell; he did not elaborate well on that topic but I will take it somewhere with my mind and try to incorporate it into my photo acquisition.

I am a bit like Kwai Chang Caine; walking the earth and finding adventure, hopefully a moment before it finds me.

The central idea is to play out my dreams in real life My dreams were born in Iowa, they are coming to fruition in Los Angeles. I dust off my lenses every night as I passionately search for the moments I had and try to duplicate the feelings with a new cast. Duplication is never as good but perfecting is the life of a artist. Forever was desperately short with you. But as time goes on I am no longer able to reconnect with the feelings I have retired.

While walking around doing the things we have to do we have many ideas but if not realized they will be downgraded to dreams. I go out and live my dreams daily if possible, I am Joshua Dearing and this is my life...

No one can deny the influence Tokyo has on the entire world; it is a city that appears clean but at the same time has the same underlying problem of decay and erosion that all cities have. It is maintained and patched better the most cities that wait for a place to completely go bad then simple replace it; Tokyo does some of the same but in the the meantime it is presented better so you have a appearance of cleanliness. It was a beautiful experience looking for the best stains I could run across in this great city. Please enjoy!

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